Julie's Story

Julie is Tim's Mom.

Julie thought that she had the perfect life - two great kids, Tim & Maggie, a wonderful husband, Bob, friends, family, career, home - she had it all.


In November 1997, Maggie, their 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer - a brain tumour. Their world stopped.

Two years of surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy and Maggie made it! - Remission - and they celebrated! - that perfect life was back!

Three months later Tim was dead.

You never know what's coming.

Since Tim was killed, safety on the job site has become a passion for Julie. She has given this presentation over 300 times to a wide variety of industries and all levels of employees. It doesn't matter who she talks to, the idea of safety is important to us all - the problem seems to be finding a way to keep it foremost in our minds while we are working. The goal of this presentation is to make people remember and speak up about safety - to give them skills to speak up in any situation - to help them see the difference between EASY or RIGHT.

Her talk is entitled 'Missing Tim'. She will introduce Tim and talk about how Tim's death has affected their family.   Your group will gain a very clear understanding of that reality.

Her background is in education. She loves teaching and is very good at it. She taught in the Ontario Secondary School System and at the University of Toronto.

This is a safety presentation like you've never heard before.


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