Tim's Story

He got a summer job working for Fiesta Party Rentals delivering party supplies, pitching and dismantling big party tents - long hours - heavy work. Tim was ecstatic. It was exactly what he wanted - manual labour, good money and working outside for the summer. It was a great way to make money for school.

First Energy Corporation had hired Fiesta to install a very large tent for a private corporate breakfast party planned for their clients on Saturday morning, July 10.

Late Friday, July 9, about 10PM, Tim and another young man, John, were instructed to go inside the tent where they could not see the overhead power line. They were told to push the tent's centre pole to the upright position.

The supervisor told the boys that he would stand outside and tell them if they got too close to the hydro line. It was after dark. The power arched from the 14,000 volt line, to the pole.

Tim was killed instantly and John spent several weeks in the burn unit of the local hospital.

Both companies knew the power line was there. They had been discussing it for 6 months. Neither firm called the local power company, nor measured the height of the line, nor measured the length of the tent pole.

In the middle of the night, after Tim was killed and taken away, First Energy Corporation made special arrangements for the tent to be moved a few feet away from the power line. They still held the party the next day.


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