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Nobody got up that morning and said, "Today Tim Hamilton dies".

But, he did.

Good companies spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars teaching their employees the rules. But workers still get hurt and die.

What happens between those safety seminars and working on the job site? You've taught them the rules. Why don't they pay attention?

Julie's presentation is all about making a personal connection with job safety - their choice to do the job the EASY or the RIGHT way - a presentation that will stick in your gut.

From personal experience she will give your employees the best reasons there are for staying alert and speaking up about safety.

Julie's expertise is not the rules; it is what happens when the safety rules are not followed.

In this 50-minute presentation she will introduce you to Tim and show you how his death has affected their family, his friends, their families and the people who worked with him. The effects of a death or injury are excruciating and never-ending - like ripples in a pond. Life is now sometimes overwhelming and often so very painful.

A work ethic is a life skill and an honest day's labour is fair trade for a good paycheck.

Nobody has to get hurt or die.


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